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minimise the shock of impact and should have guiding skirt boards spanning the space from two to three troughing idlers to allow the load to settle and adjust itself on the belt before it passes the confines of the skirt boards. Triangular cleats should run
Cornoina&on.   Curved Jnctinect & Ho7t}onta.Ł
if**'"               Horizontal    Conveyor urifA. _ a.  sert'cf o/ ftx&eŁ .
."*' ,jjp                 Mori^onfal     Cen get/or   uritn,    TraifetiTif    7~rt/>/j<g,t*.
Installations of Salt Conveyors may consist &f ajty combination of the aootre. arrangements and conveyors can. frequently oe made reversible.--La. arrange* so tk*y can &e operate of *n eifA&r direction,.    TAey may also ie loaded at more Man on.* feint, can oe ctriuen at any point and //i«
urJt&r&v&r  convenient,
, sta-tteet any Aoriionta/ ffrefcA of cono-eyor or inclined stretches ma.u 4e.
.V-J*/-—                  '                                               '                                                         '
direction.    TA*y may atso te I T&k*'Voc<Łn. oe. located W* rtx&ot Jbumps may oe. in
\        Traire.lina Tripjbers nay oe instaUeal on »ny Aer^anAnf or s/ioAtty inclined' stretches of t. or, may oe />ro/>elletf oy kanef or 6& of the   automatically Iraee/in? an4 re.trersinp type..
FIG. 3.—Typical belt-conveyor arrangements.
the full length of the skirt boards to assist in properly distributing the load arid the distance between the skirt board should be several inches less than the width of the conveyor belt, depending upon the width of the belt.
Speeds of belt conveyors vary greatly from 40 to 50 ft. per minute for picking anb sorting conveyors to several hundred feet. Heavy material, as a rule, can be conveyed at a higher speed than light material.
Belt conveyors are limited in their ability to carry loads up an incline of much more than 20 deg. and have to be erected in one vertical plane—U, cannot turn corners— though a series of conveyors can discharge from one to the other, each running in a